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About The Trainer:


Mr. Vinay Sharma is the Founder and Managing Director at BRITISH INSTITUTE, Bhopal, a successful motivator, suave, experienced, and enthusiastic trainer. He has more than 22 years of experience in training and development activities. He has trained more than one lakh students for spoken English & Personality Development across India. He is considered to be one of the top English trainers in India. He has a dynamic personality and is an effective communicator. He has authored several articles on Spoken English, Personality Development, Group Discussion, and Interviews. He has conducted many workshops.  His unique concept of teaching has received tremendous overwhelming response in India. The ultimate objective of his life is to help people in achieving personal and professional goals. He has also been a visiting faculty to various colleges and has lectured at various professional institutes in various cities in India. Under his guidance, BRITISH INSTITUTE is today MP’s most successful institution. Over the years about 100,000 + students have been benefited from the training imparted by him

Vinay Sharma

Founder & Managing Director

British Institute


British Institute, one of the premier institutes in M.P, was established in the year 1998 by Mr. Vinay Sharma and has gone from strength to strength ever since then. This institute was founded on the principles of developing and delivering high-quality training. We introduce ourselves as a group of highly experienced, motivated, and dedicated, soft skills, personality development, interview, and campus training professionals with proven track records. We provide the requisite knowledge and skills for students to improve their skills and communication abilities. Our method of teaching is very different from conventional methods. We use new research-based techniques. The whole methodology is based on interaction, active participation, individual performance, and feedback from the trainer for each individual. The salient features of this institution are the interactive style of teaching and emphasis on all skills like listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our aim is to motivate everybody and bring out the best in them to help them. We have proven record over the years which are an indication of our strong performance in the field of Spoken, Competitive English & Personality Development, Leadership, Interview, and Campus Training. 

We have a pool of experts & trainers at the British Institute are well experienced and well acquainted with not only English but they are flexible to change themselves as per the level, interest, and need of students who have been training students of all age groups since a long time in the industry. They have created the lessons for this course just for you. These lessons will help you learn and practice English skills including Vocabulary, Speaking, and Pronunciation. Our career education has shaped the lives of millions of individuals.

Why Learning English is so Important

Everyone dreams to speak fluent English in today’s world, whether you are a student or a professional, a homemaker or a businessman your English communication skill needs to be perfect knowledge of English is extremely important in various fields including Finance, Information Technology, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Law, Marketing, Politics, Media, Film Industry, Aviation, Tourism, Hotel Industry and so many. English plays quite a multidimensional role in the day to day life.

In the present scenario, English is the requirement of today’s life. It is the most common language spoken everywhere around the world. English has been playing a major role in almost every sector of our life from birth to death. Knowing English increases one’s chances of securing good employment in one’s country as well as abroad. 

Mastering the English language can have a big impact on your future. In this competitive world knowing English is a must. Speaking English opens up a wide range of new opportunities in your career and your personal life. Research shows that English is also a business language across the globe. English is said to be the world’s most important language which has communicative and educative value.

India is a country where people are living in different parts, having their languages. The regional languages are quite different from one another, every few kilometers language changes in India. It is not possible for everyone to know ten or fifteen languages. We do not have any common language except English therefore for communicating and sharing thoughts with the people belong to other regions who speak different languages, the English language is a common language to communicate with them so it is truly an international language. It is easy to learn, easy to speak, easy to use, and of course easy to understand but ironically many people consider it a difficult and tough language. See, our mother tongue is Hindi and it has about fifty letters but English has only twenty-six it means it is half difficult in comparison to Hindi.

So, English is necessary for Students, Teachers, Parents, Jobseekers, Businessmen, Politicians, Shopkeepers, Managers, Housewives, Salesmen, Doctors, Engineers, MR, and all those who want to maintain themselves in this competitive world.