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Everyone dreams to speak fluent English in today’s world, whether you are a student or a professional, a homemaker or a businessman your English communication skill needs to be perfect knowledge of English is extremely important in various fields including Finance, Information Technology, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Law, Marketing, Politics, Media, Film Industry, Aviation, Tourism, Hotel Industry and so many. English plays quite a multidimensional role in the day to day life.
In the present scenario, English is the requirement of today’s life. It is the most common language spoken everywhere around the world. English has been playing a major role in almost every sector of our life from birth to death. Knowing English increases one’s chances of securing good employment in one’s country as well as abroad.
Mastering the English language can have a big impact on your future. In this competitive world knowing English is a must. Speaking English opens up a wide range of new opportunities in your career and your personal life. Research shows that English is also a business language across the globe. English is said to be the world’s most important language which has communicative and educative value.
India is a country where people are living in different parts, having their own languages. The regional languages are quite different from one another, every few kilometres language changes in India. Everyone cannot know ten or fifteen languages. We do not have any common language except English therefore for communicating and sharing thoughts with the people belong to other regions who speak different languages, the English language is a common language to communicate with them. so it is truly an international language. It is easy to learn, easy to speak, easy to use and of course easy to understand but ironically many people consider it a difficult and tough language. See, our mother tongue is Hindi and it has about fifty letters but English has only twenty-six it means it is half difficult in comparison to Hindi.
So, English is necessary for students, teachers, parents, job seekers, businessmen, politicians, shopkeepers, managers, housewives, salesmen, doctors, engineers, Mrs and all those who want to maintain themselves in this competitive world.

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